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GPBAX GmbH is modern cooperation that provides liquid-free measurement and digital inkjet technology solutions for glassware products. The company was founded by joining forces of companies Glass Processing Bernroitner GmbH  and AROJA XORFEX s.r.o. Our focus is to revolutionize the production of glassware especially in measurement and personification of digital print, supported by superb durability of borosilicate inks.

Project Parties

Glass Processing Bernroitner GmbH is an expert in the measurement, processing, and machining of laboratory glass vessels and in business since 2017
AROJA XORFEX s.r.o. is a leader in the development and supply of industrial digital inkjet printing machines, 3D printers, and dedicated equipment since 2005.



Hub 3 5273, Roßbach, Austria

Contact Telephone:

+43 650 82 83 974


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