Automatic liquid-free measurement system, personificated print, superb durability and high quality are only few advantages of our solution

Automatic liquid-free measurement

  • Fully automatized measuring system
  • Measurement is done within seconds and data directly used for printing
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Designed for calibration of any standard glassware products


Personification & Individualized Prints without any additional costs

  • Change of motifs within milliseconds and without any additional costs
  • Each print can be different
  • Change production date, time, serial number or even full motif on every piece, without further cost and effort.
  • Each product can be individualized with Bar-code, QR-code or any other identification

Superb durability by enamel-based inks

  • Enamel based inks cured at ~ 580 °C
  • After fusing, ink is resistant to acids, alkalis and high mechanical stress
  • Withstands the requirements of ISO 4794 and ASTM E-1157 (tested in NaCl, NaOH, H2SO4 and NA4P2O7)
  • Very thin and almost undestroyable markings

Very high print quality 

  • Tolerances for our print are less than 0,02 mm
  • Resolution of our print exceeds 360 x 360 dpi
  • Details of print can not be recognized by eye
  • Each logo or print can be individualized and adapted for each end-user without any loss of time and costs
Vacuum-based measurement 
  • Determine vessel’s full volume within seconds
  • Error-margins as low as 0,01 to 0,1 %
  • Automatic positioning of fill lines
  • Checking the vessel size during production

Low-cost print & minimum waste

  • Cost of ink for one average measuring cylinder (100 ml) is only 0,0027 Euro. Cost for printing 100,000 cylinders will be 270 euros only
  • Standard consumption of ink is at only 5,1 ml per square meter, at 100% surface coverage
  • No waste of ink in the printing process
  • Durability in ink system is more than 2 years

Easy to operate & maintain

  • Machines are user-friendly and easy to operate
  • Our companies provide worldwide service by online support and/or service technician
  • Minimalized cost for service and maintenance
  • Stable and longlasting production with minimum consumption of spare parts

Multicolor print

  • Our technology enables print up to 7 direct colors (white, black, blue & others) and if needed,  special colors can be added
  • Several colors in one print are possible
  • No need to clean ink supply or printing heads for changing color
  • Change of colors during the print is an easy and automatized process

GPBAX Operating Software

  • Enables loading of personalized data from customer’s database, without changing the source
  • Providing reports of the full printing process, consumption of inks, the time needed for the print job and many other useful details.
  • Direct connection to the customer’s information system is both possible and welcome
  • Support of Internet 4.0 and connection to manipulator or robot feasible

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